Survival in the archon realm

New articles will be added in due course

New This Week

Apologies for not being with you, producing new articles, for the past few months.

My health has not been too good, which has limited my available spare time, and I have allocated all my research and writing time, to discussing the current world problems on other forums.

I have decided it is unfair of me to leave articles half finished and I have, therefore, published today, the last articles in the ‘Hack’ and ‘Afterlife’ sections of the site.

This means that the website is therefore complete, except for the introduction, where I wish to speak about my life and how my experiences helped me formulate these views. I will hopefully, world events & health permitting, finish this section in due course.

Until then,

I leave you in love.

Welcome to The Universe According to Disco Mike.

There are two reasons for this website, one for the reader and one for myself.

For the reader; I have read hundred of books, watched thousands of lectures and spoken to who knows how many people, to find out the meaning of life, the universe and everything. I have found that many of these people believe roughly the same thing. I am therefore aiming to put all this information in one place to make the readers journey to their truth much simpler and quicker than mine. Obviously, it would take me a lifetime to rewrite all this information so I am going to simplify it by not giving evidence and just summing up the conclusions of these people. It is the readers journey to explore the subjects and find their evidence. I will try and help, where I remember, by listing the source of the information.

For myself; All my life I have been talking about my ‘book’ and have come to realise that it will never be finished. My book is a parallel of my life, which is in constant change, it can never be finished until that split moment of my departure from this realm, at which point I think my focus might be somewhere other than getting my book out. I would therefore like to start publishing weekly what I have already written. I also feel that, by having a weekly deadline, it may encourage me to write at a faster pace.

Another thing that has stopped me publishing articles is that my grammar is dreadful, so I have been sending them to family and friends to ‘edit’ before publication. Again, this just turns into a reason to slow down publishing, so to all you grammar police out there, please feel free to correct my work and email it to me.