Survival in the archon realm

a message from disco mike

To read ‘The Bus Home’ I would suggest starting with the first article : The Universe part 1 – Coordination and then follow through with each article sequentially . To help, at the end of each article I have put a link to the next.

 It takes in the region of an hour to read all the articles and watch all the related videos.

I leave you in love.

Welcome to The Universe According to Disco Mike.

There are two reasons for this website, one for the reader and one for myself.

For the reader; I have read hundred of books, watched thousands of lectures and spoken to who knows how many people, to find out the meaning of life, the universe and everything. I have found that many of these people believe roughly the same thing. I am therefore aiming to put all this information in one place to make the readers journey to their truth much simpler and quicker than mine. Obviously, it would take me a lifetime to rewrite all this information so I am going to simplify it by not giving evidence and just summing up the conclusions of these people. It is the readers journey to explore the subjects and find their evidence. I will try and help, where I remember, by listing the source of the information.

For myself; All my life I have been talking about my ‘book’ and have come to realise that it will never be finished. My book is a parallel of my life, which is in constant change, it can never be finished until that split moment of my departure from this realm, at which point I think my focus might be somewhere other than getting my book out. I would therefore like to start publishing weekly what I have already written. I also feel that, by having a weekly deadline, it may encourage me to write at a faster pace.

Another thing that has stopped me publishing articles is that my grammar is dreadful, so I have been sending them to family and friends to ‘edit’ before publication. Again, this just turns into a reason to slow down publishing, so to all you grammar police out there, please feel free to correct my work and email it to me.