Survival in the archon realm

The Universe Part 2
The Computer

We saw in Part 1 that the Universe is much larger than our senses can conceive. We will now look at how it works.

Imagine a state-of-the-art computer controller which interfaces directly with your mind. Rather than seeing what is happening in a computer simulation on a monitor screen with your eyes, the interface intercepts your visual cortex and sends the images direct to your brain. Your ears would be disconnected and instead you would hear what the computer sends you. It could even intercept your touch, taste and smell senses and simulate each of these in your brain. When your brain sends a signal to a muscle to move, this would be intercepted and instead control an avatar within the simulation.

Now, within this computer simulation, imagine that your avatar is sat on a chair in a room.

In the real world you could look at that computer and, obviously, there is not a physical room with a chair sat inside that computer, there is just electricity flowing through circuit boards. However, when you are interfaced with the computer, you experience that electricity as a 3D reality. You are not sat in that room; that room is sat inside your mind.

Now, let us presume that you save a game which you are playing at a certain point, but then continue playing. Later in the day, you come back and replay the game from your saved point but make different moves, which causes a different outcome of the game to the first time you played it. We could describe these two gameplays from the saved point as alternate realities.

What we need to consider here that not every alternate reality has to exist. The computer can work them out, as and when they are required, from the source field (computer program). So, in our example here, even though there are an almost infinite possible alternate realities, only two of them came to fruition.

We are now going to travel back in time, to 1984, the time before everyone had a laptop, tablet and mobile phone. I was lucky enough to own one of the first home computers called a ‘BBC micro model B’. My BBC micro had a total of 32K of memory. In today’s terms that is 0.000032gb. To put it in perspective, the word file for this article would have almost filled up the entire memory of my microcomputer.

A new space trading game for my computer came out called Elite. This game contained 8 universes, each with 256 planets to explore. Now obviously, my BBC did not have the computer power to have all 2,048 planets, with all their alien ships in orbit, running concurrently in its memory.

The only planet that would be running in the computer’s memory at any given time would be the planet which I was currently visiting. We can think of all the rest of the planets as being stuck in a possibility wave until I visit them. Each time I visit a new planet, the computer would, put the planet I had come from back into the possibility wave and work out details for this new planet. Which alien ships are in orbit, what the trading prices are and the graphics to show me all this on my television screen.

Most computer games today, even though far more complex, work in the same basic way and things are sat in a possibility wave until there is an observer.

Similar to the computer / avatar example above, our minds exist outside the Universe and our bodies are temporary vessels we perceive from, during this incarnation.

We could use an analogy of playing a multiplayer game over the world wide web to explain our solar system, where the sun is the local server (source), sending out the source field in all directions. Our bodies would be represented by computers connected to the server and decoding the source field to show us what we perceive to be our reality.

Just as in the computer analogy where everything is sat in a possibility wave until there is a player observing it, the Universe, also, only becomes real where there is an observer.

It is worth pointing out, that even though our minds do not reside within this Universe, all those in it, with their thoughts, feeling and emotions are real. You are therefore still responsible for any interactions you have with others and the effects which you have on them.

As we shall see in future articles, I am not claiming that we are all in a computer simulation. For now, consider that computers may have been designed in the image of the Universe rather than the other way around.

This article continues with Part 3 – Attraction

First Published 2nd September 2019 with the following introduction:

This week I continue my discussion with part 2 of what the Universe is. Finally, in parts 3 & 4 of this discussion, I will explain the two laws of the Universe, but you will have to wait just a little longer for these articles.

Next Monday at around 9pm I will give the first part of a discussion on how truth and lies affect the world around you. I have chosen to give this discussion before I explain the two laws and before I explain exactly what the archon is because, as you will see, I spent a year trying to answer issues raised by this discussion before I fully understood what the archon / Universe were. This website gives my truth which may not necessarily be the same as your own. A major part of showing you my truth is to help you see how I reached, thus giving you a guideline to find yours. By giving you this article at this time, will, I hope, help with this.

Until next week.

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