Survival in the archon realm


What I want to look at in this article is why praying does not work and how you can actually make it work.

When you pray, you are generally asking God to give you something that you don’t have. For example, let us consider the prayer “Please make me happy”.

If you are asking to be happy, then the Universe will deduce that you are not currently happy. It will, therefore, decode this prayer as two separate statements. “I am not happy now.” and “I am happy in the future.”

However, time doesn’t really exist. It is just an illusionary construct perceived by our minds to help us function in this reality, so the Universe has no understanding of the word “future” and thus disregards the second statement; “I am happy in the future.”

This leaves the Universe with the statement “I am not happy now.” The Universe, thus, believes that it is your will to not be happy and by the first rule of the Universe, that our thoughts create the Universe, you become unhappy.

Another way of thinking of this is that you can only create your reality in the present, the future is not yet decided so, given that the Universe takes everything literally, you need to be very careful with the wording of requests.

So, to make yourself happy, replace the prayer with thanks to the Universe; “Thank you for my happiness”, whilst at the same time imagining yourself being happy.

First published 29th July 2019 with the following introduction.

This week’s article on praying, I dedicate to ‘Vic’, our local Church of England vicar. A great guy, who is easy to chat to and never ridicules me about my views which are generally miles apart from his own. Well maybe when I told him that animals have their own language and pity us for being the only creatures in creation that are so stupid that we can’t understand them, I may have pushed him to his limit.

As a bonus article this week I am going to turn into a political pundit and use the information in my election article to try and predict the next few months of UK politics. Only time will tell how I fare against the real pundits.

Next Monday at 9pm I will continue my discussions of the afterlife with part 2 – The Problem.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.