Survival in the archon realm

People Power

The archon, need their one world government, or at least need control of every one of the worlds governments, to implement their plan and turn the whole planet into cyborgs under their control.

Generally, if the world bank does not control a countries economy then the archon does not have control of that country. They therefore, created the events of 9/11 as an excuse to march through all the Arab countries that are not under their control. Their plan was, once that was completed, to turn their sights on Russia and finally China.

So, they had marched through, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya with no problems, destroying each of their governments and installing their own puppet governments but then on 30th August 2013 everything went terribly wrong for them.

In order to get public support for the next war, the BBC had faked a news report and subsequently a television documentary allegedly showing that Assad, the President of Syria, who the archon currently had their sights on toppling, had used chemical weapons on his own people. I am happy to put in writing that the ‘trusted’ BBC had faked this documentary as the evidence against them is absolutely overwhelming and they wouldn’t stand a chance of winning a libel case against me. If you have a spare day then please check out the evidence for yourself.

America was organising airstrikes to topple Assad due to these alleged war crimes by him, against his own people and the, then British PM David Cameron, had organised a vote in the British parliament to get permission for Britain to join the American led coalition.

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader of the opposition in parliament, was supporting the Bill along with his party and it seemed a foregone conclusion that we were about to destroy yet another Middle-Eastern nation.

But then, one clever soul, had the idea to crash Parliaments communications systems. A call to arms was put out on Facebook for everyone to call / email their MP instructing them to vote against the airstrikes and this call to arms went viral. The high volume of traffic crashed the House of Parliaments telephone and email systems, causing Miliband to withdraw Labour support at the last minute. The vote was defeated 285-272. Even though Britain’s BBC had created the false propaganda to set the wheels in motion for this invasion, Britain would not be taking part.

I burst into tears, which is becoming quite a habit of mine, in the pub when the result of the Parliamentary vote was announced, and put a post on Facebook, thanking all my friends who had taken part in the campaign by calling or emailing their MP.

A very good friend of mine, Gary, now living in the States, who has been instrumental in shaping my life, by not only initially training me as a theatrical Stage Manager but also by securing me my job for 10 years on Cruise Ships, commented on my post that it was OK for us in Britain with our Parliamentary system but it would take a miracle in the States for Obama to not push this invasion through the American government.

Around a week later, that miracle happened, Obama, having lost the support of the British people, dropped his plans to invade Syria.

There are a few reasons for me relaying this story to you.

Firstly, the archon have built up a society that tries to install in us that we have no power, we are insignificant and can’t change anything. One person’s idea here, to crash the house of Parliaments communications systems, has set the archons invasion back by at least seven years. Syria is still today a sovereign nation and is on the verge of reclaiming its whole country from the Western funded invaders.

In fact, as I write this, Iraq has asked America to leave and it looks like Afghanistan may soon follow. The archon look likely to be pushed back 2 decades to where they were in 2001. If it had not been for that one persons idea the archon would in all probability by now secured the middle east and maybe Russia and China too. Instead, after thousands of years of archon planning and shaping society, one persons idea may have pushed them back two decades at a highly critical time for them.

Never believe you are insignificant. You are an all powerful being of light with the capacity to create whole Universes with your thoughts alone. The archon are shitting themselves at you becoming aware of this.

I highly recommend watching a You Tube video entitled ‘The Tiny Dot’, it isn’t exactly what I am talking about but everyone should consider its message.

Secondly, around the end of world war two, a call to arms was sent out across the Universe for beings to incarnate here on Earth and help the ‘locals’ with their struggle for freedom. Millions of beings have incarnated here and installed themselves in key positions all throughout the archon control system and throughout all civilisations. The people are not alone in their struggle and even when things feel helpless, as they did for me in August 2013, miracles can happen.

Thirdly, a great battle was won in 2013, but this is not the way to defeat the archon, they will just come back with a new approach to achieve their goal. You can cut off one of the serpent’s heads but another will grow elsewhere. However, each time we win a battle it buys us time. Time, for more people to notice what is actually happening on planet Earth. Compared to us, they have very few people running this planet and as more and more of us wake up to what is happening, it will eventually reach a tipping point, a critical mass where enough people see through them that they lose their power and get toppled.

Worse for them, time is not on their side, as people are seeing through them at an exponential rate, and every time we win a battle and they are forced to come up with a new plan to accomplish their goal; they have to rush through their new plan, and rushed through plans are full of mistakes causing a vicious circle that helps even more people see through them and wake up to what is going on.

First Published 1st June 2020 with the following introduction:

This week’s message is very important as the archon are finally marching through their rushed plan to install a world government with a microchipped population.

In humanities darkest hour, I don’t speak of hope, for hope suggests we are powerless and must just trust in faith to save us, no, I speak of the power we have to shape our own destinies. I speak of the plan which we have put in place to defeat the archon. I speak of the miracles which each of us are capable of as we finally win back our freedom.

This week’s message was written before this crisis but is needed today.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.