Survival in the archon realm


In this section I discuss how the archon also have their grubby little claws dug into the afterlife.

The section is in three parts;

  1. The Legend; A fictional piece outlining what many people believe happens after they die.
  2. The Problem; How things differ from what people expect and where the archon have their fingerprints in the afterlife.
  3. The Solution; What you can do about it.

When I initially wrote this section I included a paragraph discussing karma, however, even though I don’t have too much to say on the matter, I have decided, due to its importance to my message, I should extend my discussions on karma to a dedicated article.

I finished this article a few years ago, and was quite proud of myself as I was breaking new ground that I wasn’t aware of anyone haven written about before. However, within a couple of weeks I was pulled back to size when I read a very similar article on the internet, entitled ‘How To Exit The Reincarnation System‘. This article was so similar, in fact, that they had even chosen to use the word ‘archon’, which I myself had spent a whole evening, in the pub, discussing the pros and cons of the word with my friend Rob. Further, like myself, they had chosen to not capitalise the ‘a’ in ‘archon’ which I had never seen before.  I will discuss the 100 Monkey syndrome in due course.

I have always known that this is my first incarnation on this planet. A week or so after choosing and purchasing the title for this website ‘The Bus Home’, I started reading a book called ‘The Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth’ by Dolores Cannon. The premise is that after years of doing past life regression on people, Dolores realised that for many, it is their first incarnation on Earth, as they have come here to help the planet in it’s time of need. She says of these volunteers ‘They don’t like the violence and ugliness they find in this world and want to return “home”. Well for those of you looking for a way ‘home’, you have come to the right place. Her full quote can be found here.