Survival in the archon realm

The Universe

This section deals with what the real Universe is, why it exists, it’s rules and how it works.

When I say ‘real Universe’ I am talking about the Universe before it became infected with the archon parasite.

It will appear that many articles in this section can’t be correct, as the reader will be able to cite many examples that contradict my message, however, the whole point of my writings is to show how the archon are ‘bending’ the rules of the Universe and how to defend oneself from their tricks. As you read further articles in the other sections of this website, I hope you will be able to reconcile these contradictions.

For most of this section I am summarising other peoples work and I am trying to summarise many books into 8 pages. Therefore, if you want to find out more, I can recommend the following books.

The Hidden Science of Lost Civilisations – David Wilcock

The Secret – Rhona Byrne

Any book by David Icke

I have split the main discussion into four parts and there are some stand-alone articles.

Current Articles: