Survival in the archon realm


Before we go any further and discuss how to cope with surviving in the archon realm, we are going to take a breather with two ‘shorts’. You will need to understand this article on karma as I will reference it many times in future articles, as it is the basis of many of the archons tricks. I will then continue with another short on praying before returning to the nitty gritty of life.

There is no, one correct definition of karma, as different people / religions all have their own interpretation of what karma means, however, most will agree that a good definition is that if we do something bad (or sometimes good) to another person then we will have to experience a similar bad (or good) thing happening to us.

However, the second law of the Universe clearly states that it is impossible to impinge on anyone else’s free will. It is therefore impossible to do anything bad to another being unless they consent.

It would, therefore, be ridiculous to think that the creator of the Universe, after making it impossible to impinge on anyone else’s freewill, then created the law of karma saying ‘Just in case I am not perfect and someone thwarts my second law of the Universe, I will then make the same type of thing happen to them.’ I put it to you that the law of karma cannot possibly exist.

However, and this is where it starts getting complicated, so stick with me. The first law of the Universe states that our minds create the Universe around us. Therefore, if you believe in karma then your mind will make karma happen in the world around you.

This doesn’t work in the same way as the two laws of the Universe. You cannot ever make someone fall in love with you unless they want to, as this would violate the second law. There is nothing you can do, ever, to force them to love you. Try as you might, the second law of the Universe is unbreakable. However, you can break the ‘law’ of karma, simply by no longer believing in it. Your mind is creating it and as such your mind can break it.

As we will see in the afterlife section, the archon have a lot invested in keeping the myth of karma alive.

First published 22nd July 2019 with the following introduction.

Today’s article on Karma started off as a paragraph in the afterlife section. I decided, however, that due to its importance in my message I would expand on it and give it its own article.

I failed miserably at this, to be honest I am not one to waffle and I just don’t have more than a page to say on the subject.

When first planning my writing, with Rob in the pub, I expressed my desire to use very simple vocabulary and to try and fit everything I had to say into a Ladybird sized book. Once I actually started writing, however, I realised that even for a man of as few words as myself this was totally unrealistic.

Anyway, next Monday at 9pm I will go all religious (well, as religious as an atheist can get) and discuss the art of praying.

Below, for your interest, I leave some of the padding which I tried to add to this week’s article but then gave the chop.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.

Karma can also get confused with the first law of the Universe; that our minds create the Universe around us. If someone is acting in very negative ways, with their mind focussed on that sort of negative behaviour, then their mind will attract people who have the same negative traits and hence act in the same way to them. This is not a law of karma we are witnessing but simply the first law of the Universe in action.