Survival in the archon realm

The Legend

He opened his eyes to find that there had been an accident. He was hit by sudden sensory overload; the deafening sound of a screaming woman’s voice; strobing blue lights from the array of emergency vehicles; the acrid smell of burning fuel.

Something, told him that he recognised the piercing voice, he drew closer to find a crowd gathered all concentrating on something lying on the floor. Closer still he discovered the body of a man who could have been his twin lying on the floor with the paramedics desperately trying to revive him.

“It’s ok”, he said to his screaming wife, “it’s not me, I’m here”. Why couldn’t she hear him? He tried to shake her but to his disbelief his hands passed straight through her.

All of a sudden he became aware of the most brilliant light emanating from behind him. He turned around to discover that, what he could only describe as a tunnel of blinding light, had materialised out of nowhere.

Was that someone walking towards him through the tunnel? As she came into focus an overwhelming feeling of love seemed to wash over him. It was his mother, but she was young again, just like he remembered her when he was a child. She held her hand towards him. “Come with me” she said, “It’s time to go home”

This could not be happening. He was not dead. He bolted!

What happened next seemed more like a dream than reality. One moment he would be at home with his grieving family, the next moment it would be the following day and he would be with his colleagues in the office, or maybe he would find himself in the pub with his mates. However, wherever he was, as hard as he tried; however loud he shouted, no one could see or hear him.

Eventually he found himself at his funeral, he was pleasantly surprised at the turnout. It broke his heart that he couldn’t comfort his wife but he knew there was no place for him here anymore. With that realisation the tunnel of light reappeared.

With one final glance over his shoulder he walked into the light.

He found himself in a field on a glorious summer’s day. All around him were the radiant, smiling faces of many of his deceased loved ones, friends and family. The feeling of peace and love that swept over him was unlike anything he had ever experienced during his life. So much more powerful.

He couldn’t say how long he spent in this heaven of love, reacquainting himself with those he loved. It could have been seconds, it could have been centuries but time had no meaning here. Eventually, with great reluctance, he knew that he needed to move on.

He found himself in the most wonderous city, so bright, so clean, so beautiful. He was stood on one of many escalators that stretched as far as the eye could see.

His guide didn’t need to tell him that they had reached their destination, the thought just sort of popped into his head, although he somehow knew, it had originated from the guide. He entered a small room with nothing but a single chair for him to sit in.

He wasn’t sure he would have been able to survive what became if it had not been for the steadfast love of his guide. His previous life passed before him a thousand, maybe a million times. He could not say exactly how many. He would see his life from the perspective of every person he had touched. Feel their joy when he helped them but more often feel their pain caused by his action. More often than not a chain reaction would be made where because he had hurt one person they would in turn hurt another so he would have to also relive the third persons experience and the chain would go on making he relive a forth, fifth etc. persons experience whom had been effected by his initial action.

As abruptly as it began, it was over. His loving guide smiled at him and he knew he could make it right. With his guide he worked out a life plan for his next incarnation. Together they chose the right people who would come into his life at just the right time to allow him to pay off all the karma which he had built up previously.

Finally He made a contract with his guide and then there was nothing but light. Everything was reset, all the pain, all the love, all the memories of what he had been were gone. He was now a new-born baby, naked in the light of planet Earth.

This article continues with Part 2; Afterlife – The Problem.

First published 15th July 2019 with the following introduction.

This week’s article is part 1 of a 3-part discussion of the afterlife. It is a descriptive piece of fiction outlining what many people believe happens to us when we die. To balance out that I have not included any philosophy in this week’s scribblings, I have added a link to a similar piece in the afterlife title page, which outlines some of what I will be saying in parts 2 and 3.

Next Monday at 9pm, I will be discussing my views on karma.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.