Survival in the archon realm

The Hack Part 1
The Trickster

Let me tell you a thing or two about the little folk.

Made famous by the Irish although they actually live in their own realm, separate from the world of man. Don’t be tricked, as legend tells us many children have been, into going there for one of their legendary all-night banquets. Time often flows differently in faery land. You may find that after, what appears to be one night in the land of the great hunt, you return to find days, months or even years have passed in our great land.

Should you meet a leprechaun, beware! He may appear to you one day as a young, fun-loving dwarf with a ginger beard but next time you meet him, he will appear as an aging man with a cart. All alone on the dusty track, shoeing his lame horse.

Do not accept his offer of three wishes. They may not turn out as you had hoped for. Many will recall the story of the man who used his first wish to become a wealthy prince, his second to live on a beautiful desert island. Yet, the leprechaun had taken his wishes literally and fulfilled them to his exact word, not what the man had meant in his heart. When he found himself, surrounded by treasure, yet dreadfully alone, lord of an otherwise deserted Caribbean island, he was forced to use his last wish to take himself home and put things back to how they were.

Let me tell you a thing or two about the Genie.

A race of beings, occupying Persia before the days of man. Whilst not all of them are evil, there are many evil Genie, or Djinn as they were originally known, whom also offer three wishes.

You may only hear the Djinn’s wish offer as a whispering in your ear. This alluring promise has to travel far from the realm of the Djinn where the trickster is hiding. However, should you accept his offer, then, rather than finding yourself the hero in a Disney movie, winning the heart of the Princess and having all your dreams fulfilled, this trickster will twist your desires. If you do not get the wording of your wishes perfect then you may find yourself, instead, as the victim in the Wishmaster movie, your soul forever lost to burn in hell.

Let me tell you a thing or two about a devil named Lucifer, the bringer of light.

This devil, also known as Satan, goes by the trickster title’ The Father of Lies’, so don’t be deceived by his empty promises. Never sign his contract or it may cost you your soul.

He sent his servant to pose as a serpent in the garden of Eden.

After being tricked by the servant of the father of lies, Adam & Eve found themselves in a new reality. A reality of opposites, a reality of good and evil.

By the first law of the Universe our thoughts become real. Anything we ‘wish’ for we can have. We do not therefore need another entity to help us fulfill our wishes, but maybe, just maybe that entity needs us to fulfill its wishes!

For this discussion, I have chosen the three most well know examples in the western world of the trickster. There are, however, many other stories of similar beings, throughout religions and throughout different culture’s folklore around the globe. They all share one or more of what we have seen here in common.

  • They exist at other frequencies, however, are able to visit our frequency, the frequency of light, at will.
  • With our help, they can create alternate realities.
  • They trick us, by offering us apples or whatever can seduce us, to gain our help in creating these alternate realities.

If you go to Ireland, you will find people who swear that the little folk are real.

If you go to Iran, you will find people who swear that the Djinn are real.

If you go to church you will find people who swear, well maybe Christians don’t swear but you get my drift, that Satan is real.

So, we have to ask ourselves, is there some common source that all these tricksters are based on? If so, is that being real? And, finally, if so, does that entity still exist today?

This article will continue with part 2 – The archon.

First published 30th September 2019 with the following introduction:

So, this week we start the section on what has gone wrong with the Universe. I am not sure how many parts it will be, I had hoped, this week, to get much further through the discussion but overran my two-page limit before even introducing the archon.

I will try to have the next part ready for next Monday at around 9pm but may fail. Up until now I have written everything from memory without rereading the books which I am referencing, however, whilst I know what I wish to say next week, I can’t remember with whom to credit some of the ideas. I, therefore, have a lot of scanning through books to do.

Thanks to Vic for saving me research time on this week’s article. I ended up down the pub when I should have been researching what I wanted to say about the devil, but hey presto, as if by magic our C of E vicar was watching the football in the very same pub and was able to answer all my questions.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.