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Christmas Message

It was very important for the ancients to make a calendar so that they would know the exact date to sow seeds or harvest crops.

As outlined in Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas’s book Uriel’s Machine, to do this they would plant a pole in the ground and observe the shadow which it would throw at sunrise. If they were to plant a stick at the end of the shadow every morning for six months, then they would end up with an arc of sticks which the shadow would swing between from the winter solstice to the summer solstice and then back the other way over the next six months.

They could then mark certain sticks which would mark the dates when certain crops should be planted etc.

What they observed was that for three days after each solstice the shadow would stay on the same stick before moving again and this gave rise to the Pagan notion that the Sun God, or Sun of God as many referred to it, would die for three days and then miraculously come back to life.

They would therefore, celebrate the birth of the Sun of God when the shadow started moving again, three days after the winter solstice on December 24th or 25th.

Then the Christians came along and saw what superstitious crap the pagans were talking and wiped them out.

First published on 25th December 2019 with the following introduction:

Here is my Christmas message, well actually it is my recycled Christmas message from a few years ago.

I am in the middle of my busy work period and then I will by spending February backpacking around India so I hope to continue with the weekly articles soon after that.

Until then.

I leave you in love.