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Elections Part 2

Archons and the trick of democracy – Part 2

In part 1, I explored some of the various techniques the archon use via their agents in the corporate and banking industries, to control politicians. In this article, I will discuss what I consider are the dire consequence of this control.  My argument is that the archons have created the democratic system to trick us into giving our free will away to them. Whilst I have focussed on the British electoral system in this article, these same exact techniques are used in all Western democracies.

I have been told many times over my life that because I do not vote, I have no right to complain when I disagree with parliament. The archon have encouraged this mind set so that they can claim society accepts that none-voters have accepted the rule of parliament. This is another classic archon inversion of the truth, with the truth being that it is, actually, the people who do vote who have no right to complain. It is they whom, by voting, have accepted the will of parliament. Let me explain.

Back in the ‘dark ages’ when illiteracy was widespread, contracts were signed by putting a cross at the bottom. To this day, a tick or a cross is generally required to represent a vote at an election.

When you vote, you are nominating someone to make decisions about your life. You will trust them to act on your behalf in parliament, to agree with or oppose any future laws that may be created or any current laws that may be discarded.

Further, by taking part in the election, you are inferring that you accept the electoral system. So even if your chosen candidate does not win, you will accept whichever of the candidates is elected to make these decisions for you. So if, for example, you voted for the green party candidate, yet the conservative candidate wins, then by having taken part in the voting process you have accepted that the conservative candidate can make all decisions for you.

Further still, let’s presume that your green candidate does get elected and votes against the government on every single bill. By marking that voting slip, you have accepted that it is not just your chosen candidate, but parliament as a whole who can make any decision about your life by creating, amending or repealing laws.

If you then disregard these laws that parliament has created ‘on your behalf’, you could lose your freedom and end up in jail. In a worse-case scenario parliament could start a war, cut your NHS entitlement or increase taxes to a level where you can’t afford to eat and you and your family could even lose your lives.

Many people choose not to vote and would argue that because they have not voted that they have not accepted the will of parliament. However, the archon would argue in return, as we saw in the opening statement of this article, that within our society it is accepted that someone does not vote, by default, has accepted the winning candidate to represent them. Therefore, they have, actually, accepted parliaments will as their own.

Other people, for various reasons, spoil their ballot paper. In this case, the archon would claim that if you spoil your ballot paper you are still taking part in the process, thus accepting the winner. For instance, I know of people who spoil their ballot paper as they feel that if everyone who was disillusioned with the lack of choice and therefore didn’t vote, actually turned up and spoilt their ballot paper, then in most constituencies the number of spoilt ballot papers would be more than the elected candidates, thus making a mockery of the whole system. These people are clearly taking part in the electoral process and thus have accepted parliaments will as their own.

Now as we know, the archon control politicians with techniques such as the three B’s and the Bilderberg Group, therefore, if the archon control parliament and you have given your free will to parliament by taking part (or not taking part) in democracy then you have agreed to give your free will to the archon.

The second rule of the universe states that you can do whatever you like as long as it doesn’t impinge on anyone else’s free will, however, if you have freely given your free will to the archon, then they no longer have to worry about this law. They can claim that whatever they do to you is by your will. By democracy, the trickster has tricked you into giving it your free will.

The defence which I use against this trick is to understand that the archon see the ballot slip as a contract between you and themselves, where you agree to give them your free will. Therefore, to void the contract, I do not tick or cross any candidates and I specifically write on the contract (Ballot slip) that ‘I do not give you permission to make any decisions on my behalf.’

First published 26th August 2019 with the following introduction.

This week I publish, the second and concluding article on elections. I will come back to how to see through politics in due course, but for now I am going to concentrate on what the Universe is and how the archon has corrupted it.

In my editing of last weeks article to cut out the physics, I deleted an important paragraph saying that matter is just another form of energy with its own frequency. I will update the article by reinserting the paragraph in due course.

Whilst on last weeks article, I was watching some old episodes of Red Dwarf on Netflix during the week, and the computer (Holly) repeated part of my article in episode ‘Parallel Universe’, by saying ‘You’ve got your basic dimensions, right; length, breadth, depth and time. The firth dimension is coexisting realities.’ We shall look much closer at what these parallel dimensions are next Monday at around 9pm, when I release the second part of The Universe, entitled ‘The Computer’.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.