Survival in the archon realm


What I am going to show in this article is that the Universe doesn’t distinguish between reality and fiction and how the archon uses this to trick us into giving them our free will.

Everything technology has given us; entertainment, travel and communication, humans are already capable of doing with their minds. I will look at travel and communication at a later date but in this article, I specifically want to look at entertainment; books, films, plays, television and computer games.

By the first law of the Universe, your thoughts create everything that happens around you. In fact, the whole point of this Universe is to create and experience your creations.

Given this, reading a book, would seem a little strange from an outsider’s point of view, why would anyone read a book to experience someone else’s fantasy in their mind when they can create their own fantasy and experience it with all their senses. In fact, live through it?

The same can be said for watching theatre, movies or television.

Computer games would seem even more peculiar to this outsider. Why would anyone living in, what could be described as, a fully controllable computer simulation, experiencing everything through all five senses, then choose to play a computer game which they only get limited experience through only 2 or 3 senses?

Now, from the Universes perception, everything we experience is just thought waves created by our minds, so when, for example, we watch television, it just sees the tv show as more thought waves created by our minds. Hence the Universe does not distinguish between what we call the reality of our lives and the fiction on the television.

So, the distinguishing between fiction and reality is actually a creation by the archon & man and the archon use this as one of the ways they trick us into giving away our free will.

For an example I will use the film trilogy ‘The Matrix’, where an artificially intelligent computer race creates a false reality for the human race to live in whilst the human race is basically turned into batteries to power them. This is almost exactly what is going on with this planet right now and, in fact, since the trilogy of movies came out, most people who understand what is happening here, have taken up the name and started referring to this false reality, in which we currently live in, as the ‘Matrix’.

Why would the archon create this film series? Surely by telling us what they are doing it gives away their game plan and allows us to fight against it.

The reason that they tell us what is going on as fiction, is that, as we have just seen, the Universe does not differentiate between reality or fiction.

The archon can therefore claim that any fiction program is actually a documentary telling us exactly what they are doing to us. ‘We told the humans exactly what we are doing to do to them and thus it is their choice to go along with our plan. They can stop us at any time.”

Therefore, as far as the Universe is concerned the archon have not impinged on our free will and thus, they haven’t broken the second law of the Universe.

It can be difficult to know which pieces of entertainment are from the archon, gathering our consent, amongst the many more that are merely for our distraction. For this I will guide you to a fantasy series of books, called The Belgariad by David Eddings. The lead character has to read through book after book of writings by an insane God and work out which parts are just mad ramblings and which are actual prophesy. His grandfather teaches him to clear his mind and just glance through them without actually reading. The real prophecies just seem to jump out.

As you become more aware of the archon plan and you trust yourself that they are real, this becomes much easier to do, but, for me, it is definitely a gut feeling, when I empty my mind, where they just jump out at me.

I think maybe the word I am looking for here is intuition!

As far as the archon are concerned, They also benefit from two side effects by telling us their plans through fiction.

Firstly, people will ridicule and not believe anyone who stands up and points out what is actually happening. ‘You’re insane, you’ve been watching far too much of The Matrix!’

Secondly, with millions of people’s minds focussed on The Matrix and their thoughts creating the Universe around them, it solidifies the Universe in the way the archon wishes it to be. This is why television programs are called ‘programs’, they are ‘programming’ our mind with what they want us to create.

Which leads us to a very chilling variation of this technique. Sir Jimmy Saville, a Satanist and prolific paedophile appeared on the British television program ‘Through The Keyhole’ wearing a t-shirt with the inscription “I am an animal and I will eat you if I have to”. When the host mentions his t-shirt, Jimmy comments “You have to give them all fair warning” to which the host asks “the animals?” and Jimmy replies “The victims”. Because Satanist understand the laws of the Universe, Jimmy understood that by telling people what he was doing, even in jest as the Universe takes everything literally, then as far as the Universe understood everyone who heard him say that, was consenting to be his victim unless they stopped him.

Last edit 12th August 2019.

First Published 5th August 2019 with the following introduction:

I did say last week that I would give you the second part of my article on the afterlife this week, however, as I was putting together the final edit, I realised that I needed to first publish my article on entertainment as the afterlife article builds on it.

I will, therefore, give you Afterlife – Part 2 around 9pm next Monday, and this week we shall focus on one aspect of the entertainment industry.

This has been, by far, the hardest article to write. Because I am discussing realities within realities within realities, getting the grammar right and writing in in a simple, understandable way has been a big challenge.

I remember discussing with Rob, down the pub, over two years ago how much I was struggling with it, and, after 4 complete rewrites and 2 years I only finally managed to finish it last Monday.

However, I hope you can follow it and it is not too confusing.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.