Survival in the archon realm

The Universe Part 3

We saw in part 2, that the Universe only manifests itself into matter in the bubble which you are observing. The rest of the Universe, for you, sits in a probability wave.

This actually goes one step further, in that, you get to choose what the Universe manifests into.

The whole purpose of the Universe is for us to create and then explore our creations, thereby understanding ourselves better.

The first law of the Universe is therefore very simple, whatever you think, the Universe creates around you.

Your thoughts create the Universe!

It should be pointed out that, as we saw in part 2, you are not creating the Universe, you are choosing a reality where your belief exists. However, from your perspective, within this Universe, your observed effect is that you are creating.

I hear you shouting at me that you know this isn’t true because you are now thinking of holding a million pounds (or a billion pounds for all you Austin Powers fans) in your hands but it isn’t appearing.

This is because, deep down you do not believe me. If your thoughts create the Universe, yet your belief is that your thoughts do not create the Universe, then you will create a Universe in which your thoughts do not create the Universe. Holy cow batman, a paradox!

I cannot prove this law to you. I hope over this and the previous couple of articles you will have some understanding of how and why it works in this Universe, but to break the paradox and make the law work you will need to see it working in your own life and gradually build up belief in it.

One way to achieve this is through repetition. When anyone ever asks me how I am or how I am feeling I smile and answer ‘Life is always good’. Whilst this has a fantastic side effect of building up the atmosphere for them and myself, the reason I have trained myself to always give this answer without thinking, is that, by repetition, I am manifesting a life that is always good.

The best book I have found on this subject is The Secret by Rhonda Bryne where she calls it the Law of Attraction. She basically explains it as whatever you think you will attract into your life. In her own words:

         Through the Law of Attraction like attracts like. What you think about, you bring about.

Rhonda suggests starting with small things, such as, before you start looking for a parking space for your car, thank the Universe for the parking space. Quite soon you will notice that parking becomes much easier.

I would go one step further and suggest you start with things that are small and also random. I have always been a very good card player, and my belief in my good card playing ability makes the random deal, become not quite so random in my favour. By manifesting random things such as a good card hands or a parking space, you are tricking that voice in your head that tells you the first law of the Universe doesn’t work into believing it’s just random luck, but gradually as the luck turns to your side more regularly you start silencing that voice.

There is the opposite, negative, effect of this law. We all have that one friend whom says that all men / women are the same and continuously goes from destructive relationship to destructive relationship. It is often because they keep repeating that all men / women are the same that they are attracting these destructive relationships into their lives. Further, this creates a vicious circle where their experience holds out what they are saying, thus making them believe it even more and the circle continues.

What happens though when two people have opposite beliefs? If you use the first law of the Universe to manifest a relationship into your life, then very soon someone will come into your life and fulfil that role. However, if you try to manifest a certain person to become your partner and that person does not love you in their own bubble, then your two beliefs will be fighting against each other. The Universe needs a second law to resolve this conflict. We will look at this second law in the final part of our discussion on the Universe.

First Published 16th September 2019 with the following introduction:

In this week’s article I finally give you the first law of the Universe and I will continue very fast by giving you the second law of the Universe at around 9pm next Monday.

As I said last week, I wish to put my election articles out to other alternative websites, once an election is called.

As such, firstly I am trying to make this website coherent by completing articles on what the laws of the Universe are and what the archon are. As such, over the next few weeks, I am just going to march ahead with the section about the archon (probably 5 articles) rather than jump about discussing a different topic all week.

Secondly, I am going to edit all the articles which I have already published, not for content but for grammar and to make them sound a little more professional. I have a pet peeve of when newspapers say ‘last updated’ on such a date, but don’t let you see the original article, often because it had mistakes or was propaganda which they no longer wish to push, or maybe a little more sinister is that it is exactly what George Orwell described in the first chapter of 1984. I have, therefore, archived all my articles, so if you scroll down to the bottom where they say ‘first published’, this is now a link to the original wording of the article. You will, thus, be able to challenge me and say ‘Why did you originally say this but are now saying something completely different?’

Due to the election having not yet been called, contrary to what I said last week, I shall stick to an article a week until such time as it is called.

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I leave you in love.