Survival in the archon realm

The Universe Part 4
Free Will

I am now going to give a short discussion into what happens when two people have opposite beliefs. The first law of the Universe states that their beliefs create the Universe, but if they have opposite beliefs then what gets created?

Opposite beliefs are something that should never have happened. The Universe was created for us each to go about in our own little bubbles, experiencing our own creations. If someone else decided to join us and experience our bubble for a while, they would have no reason to want to change it.

Then the archon parasite came along and convinced us all to forget who we were and all exist in the same bubble, thus creating this conflict. There was no ‘belief’ before the archon. We thought and our thought came to be.

So even though opposite beliefs were never intended, they obviously now exist and given that the Universe has not crashed and disappeared in a puff of smoke it must have some mechanism for dealing with them.

My first thought was that it would be impossible for two people to have two equal and opposite beliefs. I will briefly give my reasoning but if you can’t follow it, then it wont affect your understanding of this article if you want to skip ahead to where I state that my logic does not hold up:

If we imagine a Universe where there is only one level of belief, then everyone would hold that same belief. Represented as a fraction, the chances of two people having the same level of belief would be 1 (1/1).

If there are two levels of belief. Then they could either both believe and thus have the same level of belief. They could both not believe and thus have the same level of belief. Person one could believe with person two not believing or finally person two could believe with person one not believing. So out of the four possibilities in two they have the same level of belief and in two they hold different levels of belief. The chances of them therefore having the same level of belief would be ½.

Following this reasoning along with three levels of belief the chances would be 1/3 and with four ¼ etc.

In reality there are an infinite amount of levels of belief so the chances of two people holding opposite beliefs at the same level are one divided by infinity which equals zero.

Problem solved then, there is zero chance of two people having equal and opposite beliefs so we don’t have to worry about it.

Wrong! There is a single case where two people can have equal and opposite beliefs. That is where those two people both have absolute, 100% belief. yet in opposite things.

My mistake was that one divided by infinity does not equal zero.

If we reverse the math in our previous cases then:

              ¼ times 4 equals 1

              1/3 times 3 equals 1

              ½ times 2 equals 1.

             1/1 times 1 equals 1.

However, 0 times infinity equals 0, not 1. This means that one divided by infinity cannot equal zero and therefore I was wrong to say that there is zero chance that two people can have equal and opposite beliefs.

My logic does not hold up. Back to the drawing board.

On another level, I could not envisage a Universe of pure love, as this Universe is, where one person could affect someone else’s bubble with their belief. This would lead to situations where one person could absolutely control another. Free will would no longer exist for that controlled person.

So, the second law of the Universe was required:

             Nothing you create can impinge on anyone else’s free will.

This law is not like a legislative law, where if you break it then you will get punished. This law is absolute, the Universe will create any thought you have, except it will not create your thought if it impinges on anyone else’s free will.

It is absolutely impossible to impinge on anyone else’s free will.

I hear you shouting that this is just not true, I hear you shouting thousands / millions (or billions, for you Austin Powers fans) of examples from your experiences where you are convinced this law has been broken.

And that is what this website is all about. How the Universe has gone wrong and what we can do about it.

First Published 23rd September 2019 with the following introduction:

This week I conclude my discussion about what the Universe is and how it works with a look at the second law of the Universe.

Big thanks to Richard for his ‘muse’ work with the past two articles. After reading part 2 – The Computer, he bombarded me with questions on messenger about where I was going with the discussion and, whilst I didn’t answer the questions at the time, as I was hungry, they gave me a framework of how to order the information in parts 3 & 4. His help has also been invaluable on his proof reading of some other articles.

Next Monday at around 9pm I will introduce you to the villains of my journey through life. It will be time for you to finally meet the archon!

Until next week.

I leave you in love.