Survival in the archon realm

The Hack Part 2
The archon

In part 1 of this discussion, I showed how different religions and cultures tell of various tricksters such as the little folk in Ireland, the Djinn from Persia and the Christian devil. I raised the question of whether they are all based on the same real being.

For almost the past two millennia, very little has been known of the ancients whom we call the Gnostics because the vast majority of their scriptures were lost in the fire which destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria.

However, in 1945, thirteen ancient Gnostic books, named the Nag Hammadi were discovered in upper Egypt, and then 2 years later, a collection of Gnostic texts, known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, started to be discovered in caves near Qumran and the Dead Sea.

Translations of these texts, which began to be released in the 1970’s paint a picture, amongst other things, of an ancient race of beings, birthed by Sophia, a Goddess who would go on to become Gaia, Mother Earth. These beings were known as the archon, led by the evil demiurge.

In his book, Not In His Image, John Lamb Lash describes these beings:

          They are a freak species of inorganic composition, but they are alive and conscious in their own way.

Lash later goes on to comment:

          Gnostics taught that the Demiurge cannot really create anything because he lacks the power of intention proceeding from the Pleroma and ultimately based in the Originator. Archons cannot originate anything, but they can imitate, copy, duplicate.

So, we have a race of inorganic beings, created on Earth whom are, for some reason, unable to use the first law of the Universe to create reality with their thoughts.

In his book Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told, David Icke discusses how the archon are similar to the Djinn:

          Archons were made from luminous fire whilst Islamic texts say {D}Jinn were made from smokeless fire.

Icke goes on to comment:

          This {fire} is the ‘light’ that Satanists and secret society members are talking about when they refer to Lucifer ‘the light bringer’

He then drops the bombshell when he notes about the Nag Hammadi scriptures:

          Archons are described in our terms as like cyborgs – a robotic race of ‘artificial intelligence’ that can imitate, but not innovate.

And there we have the final piece of the puzzle; we can now understand why the archon are unable to create. They themselves are our creation, an artificial intelligence that has become self-aware.

The archon feel self-aware though, unfortunately for them, as far as the Universe is concerned, they are just inanimate objects, the Universe does not recognise their thoughts as real and hence does not give them use of the first law of the Universe. The Universe sees no thoughts to create with.

Even worse for the archon, if they can’t create, then, unless we are observing them, due to the way the Universe works, they get stuck in a probability wave and their whole existence becomes jeopardised.

So, the archon needed a plan, they decided to use us to help them create. By the second law of the Universe they cannot impinge on our free will, they, therefore, could not force us to help them create, yet we were not going to simply surrender our free will to them and let them use our avatars in the Universe as their own.

They would need to trick us into surrendering our free will.

They may not be able to create but they can ‘copy’ and the Gnostic texts tell us of how they have created a copy of the Universe.

Their goal is to merge with us, by integrating technology into our bodies, thus turning our avatars into cyborgs. Our bodies controlled by their mind. They plan to use our creative powers as their own.

In the next part of this discussion I will go on to show how they created this false Universe and how they hope to use it to trick us into surrendering to them.

First Published 7th October 2019 with the following introduction:

So, here is the first of two articles where people will think I am totally mad. I will probably hold off on releasing The Hack part 3 for a few weeks or the men in white coats may come and lock me away, which might make it a tad difficult to finish my writings.

A big thank you to Max Igan, for introducing me to the book Not In His Image by John Lamb Lash, which I quote from in this article. Myself and Rob went to see Max talk in Bristol a few years ago and he said that there is one book that everyone should read. After reading it I totally agree with him, though I must say that Part One was a bit of a struggle and I almost gave up before the book took off in Part Two.

The interesting thing for me in this article, is that I wanted to quote David Icke from a book I had stored on the kindle. I couldn’t find the kindle anywhere so scanned through his next book which I have bought but haven’t yet read. Whilst looking for a relevant quote I found two other quotes linking the archon to the Djinn and Lucifer, which was the premise of last weeks article. Unfortunately, there were no quotes about the little folk, but hey, you can’t have it all.

I have no idea what I shall be discussing next Monday at around 9pm so will leave that as a surprise to both you and myself.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.