Survival in the archon realm

The Future

As I have previously detailed, the archon’s eventual goal is to merge with us, turning us into cyborgs, half man, half machine, with them in the driving seat. They will then use our creative powers to create a Universe of their design.

Remember, the archon can do nothing to us without our agreement, so, for the final stage of their invasion, they will have to, firstly, get our agreement to have the hardware implanted inside us and secondly our agreement for it to override our souls in the operation of our bodies.

I discussed in my article on unbelievable-truth an archon mind control technique, made famous by David Icke, where the archon hides a lie between two truths, thus making the observer believe that the lie is also a truth. Another technique which he is famous for outing, is what he calls the Totalitarian Tiptoe.

The archon want a single government running the whole planet. Just a couple of their many reasons for this are that it will make their installation of new laws much easier, as rather than having to convince hundreds of different nations individually to accept a law, they only have to do it once. It will also help them to brainwash us into believing that we are not all-powerful beings who can defeat them at any time. Imagine, given, how little your vote currently counts in an election, how many times more insignificant it would be if you were voting for a world government. This would help them enforce the illusion that we are insignificant beings with no power.

Should they have installed a one world government in the 1950’s they would have failed. Could you imagine Britain giving up its sovereignty just like that.

They, therefore, tiptoe towards their goal in small steps, with their puppet governments selling us the good points about each particular step.

Firstly, a European trading block, making our trading power much stronger in the world.

Next, turn that block into a European Union, with its own governing powers.

Next, turn that Union into a state.

Finally, maybe, have a world war which would show the people the advantages of merging the European State with the American, Austral-Asian and African. Everyone under the same government would decrease the chance of further wars.

Hey presto, by using the Totalitarian Tiptoe they have reached their goal.

As such, if they had tried in the 50’s to have computers installed inside us and turn us into cyborgs they would have failed spectacularly.

So, they have gradually introduced computers into our lives, tiptoeing to the stage where now, the vast majority of the population, carries one, in the form of their mobile phone, everywhere they go.

The future is not, now, too difficult to predict.

The next step, as I outline in my discussion on shaping society, may be just a small microchip implanted into us as a secure form of trading.

It is easy to see how once we have crossed the line with a microchip, they can then convince us to upgrade with more and more hardware.

  • A receiver implant so our mobile phones connect directly to our brains making long range communication even easier.
  • A game controller, as outlined in my article on computers, that controls the game with our thoughts.
  • Nanobots that enhance our immune system, intelligently attacking diseases.
  • Boosters for our children’s intelligence so that they become top of the class at school.

And the list goes on.

Each of these technologies will be sold to us as something that can enhance our lives … a must have … but once the archon take over, they could have totally different purposes.

  • With the recent worldwide introduction of the new wireless 5g network of around 30,000 satellites and transmitters every hundred meters or so, the receiver implant could be used to connect us to the archons hive mind wherever we are on the planet.
  • The game controller could transmit a false reality to our brains, tricking us into believing we still have control of our bodies. If we don’t know that we have been hijacked then it won’t occur to us to withdraw our permission from the archon and get our lives back.
  • The nanobots could set about upgrading our bodies with any technology which the archon desire.
  • The booster computer could, rather than enhancing the brain, override the brain becoming the sole controller of our bodies.

Once they have installed their technology inside us then the final thing which they will require is our permission for them to take control.

One, relatively recent trick, which I am keeping an interested eye on, ia the use of software licensing agreements.

We have all seen them, pages and pages of legal jargon which you are supposed to read before using any piece of computer software. They are making these agreements so long and unintelligible that almost no-one does actually read them. However, unless you click ‘I agree’ then you are unable to use the software. They are almost training us to automatically click ‘I agree’.

Remember, the archon can do nothing to us without our agreement, so, for the final stage of their invasion, once they have their hardware implanted inside of us, they will need to secure our agreement for that hardware to override our souls and control our bodies.

One hidden, unread clause in any licensing agreement and one single click of ‘I agree’ will fulfil this requirement.

What I have outlined above may not be the exact way the archon install their technology inside us or trick us into giving our agreement to override our souls. You must always be alert.

Never willingly accept any technology in your body.

Never, even temporarily, agree to give away your free will.

One final point. It is highly unlikely that the archon would ever let you know that they have hijacked your body. Far more likely they would project a false reality to your mind such as in the Matrix films. They wouldn’t want to risk you withdrawing your agreement and thus evicting them. The technique which I use to protect myself from this, and every other trick they use to steal my freewill, is to continue to say throughout the day, every day “I withdraw any permissions previously given and do not give anyone or anything permission to make any decision on my behalf”. This will negate any freedoms I may have unwittingly given away and even if they have hijacked my body and trapped me in a matrix of their design, I will become totally unusable to them.

First published on 8th June 2020 with the following introduction:

This week’s article is the last in the ‘life’ section of my website.

When I say it is the last, I could go on forever, and may well do, adding more articles to this section looking at more and more ways in which the archon affect our lives, but they would generally be the same old tricks, looked on from different directions.

So, yes, I will add more articles to this section but, for now, I feel that I have given enough information for people to have a full set of tools to start seeing the archons footprints without my help.

Once again, this article was written, whilst I was in India in February, before the current world crisis had really taken hold. I have made significant changes to it, in order to prepare it for publication, but I have done my best to stay in my February, pre-COVID mindset, whilst making these editorial changes.

So, a quick look at where I stand with completing this website:

  • Introduction (Of Disco Mike) – Not Started.
  • The Universe – Complete.
  • The Hack – 2 or 3 articles left of which one is already written.
  • Life – Complete in that it is consistent, but I will keep inserting articles to give a greater depth.
  • Afterlife – Complete from my perspective, but the final article has not yet been published.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.