Survival in the archon realm

The Hack Part 6
The Imperfection

This whole archon hack is not perfect for them.

They have only changed the frequencies of light and a few frequencies at either side, such as where we go when we die, with their Saturn-Moon hack. Past these frequencies the Universe is as normal, with life forms existing in these realms, unaffected by the archon hack.

As Wilcock explains in his book, The Source Field Investigations (Which incidentally is one of the best books which I have ever read), the Universe is continuously pushing back against this archon distortion, trying to collapse the archons little bubble and return us to how we are meant to be. The archon are in a never-ending tug of war with the Universe to keep their amended copy in place and should they lower their guard, even for the shortest of times, then the real Universe would come in, washing over their copy like a tidal wave, smashing it to pieces.

As such, even though they have tried to genetically engineer us to only perceive the Universe with five senses, within the frequencies of light; the Universe keeps pushing back, giving many people the use of, what is known as, sixth sense. Many of us, can actually perceive frequencies outside the archon control. In fact, every single one of us can train our sixth sense and widen our perception with just a little practice.

Before I go any further, I should differentiate between beings which we can’t generally see, but still exist within the archon ‘Hack’ and those beings that exist at frequencies higher than the ‘Hack’ which are not affected by the archon’s distortion.

When we die, we leave behind our dead avatar. Our soul, however, does not return home. It instead moves to a frequency just above that of light, which is still part of the archon ‘Hack’. These ‘ghosts’, just like us, believe themselves to be in the Real Universe but are actually still in the false reality projected by Saturn.

But then there are beings, which exist at even higher frequencies, that are above the ‘Hack’ and exist in the real Universe, thus not susceptible to the archon insanity which inflicts all of us.

Psychics vary drastically in how much they can perceive. I, for example, have seen ‘ghosts’, which reside within the ‘Hack’ regularly, but have only on one or two occasions experienced beings from outside the hack. I also only ‘see’ these beings and have never experienced any ‘sound’ coming from them.

I have met one lady who can perceive far more frequencies than myself and so regularly experiences beings from outside the ‘Hack’, she, however, only ‘hears’ and never ‘sees’ them.  

These psychics can cause a major problem for the archon. As I described in an earlier article, the archon do not want any of us speaking to beings who exist outside ‘The Hack’ as they could spill the beans and tell us what is really going on here; how we are being tricked. Then, the psychics who have been told the truth, could spread the message, by telling even more people the reality about what is really happening here.

The archon have implemented a few tricks to limit the damage which psychics can do.

Religion was their first line of attack. Christianity, for example, has throughout history, on its quest for world domination, wiped out, or assimilated psychics wherever it has found them. The European pagans, Australian Aborigines, American Indians etc., etc.

They also waged war against any surviving ‘witches’, turning friends and family against them by demonising them as servants of Satan or executing them after trumped up show trials.

Even today, many Christians count anything ‘occult’, even Spiritual healing, as the work of Satan.

In more recent times, the next line of defence for the archon, has been to encourage charlatan psychics; maybe people with no talent for it, who are just out to make a quick buck off the recently bereaved; maybe astrologers who vastly simplify their readings for the tabloid newspapers to make them almost meaningless. Flood people’s perceptions with lots of these charlatans and should a real psychic come along, people will just dismiss their talent as yet another charlatan and ignore their true message.

Should this fail then the archon have a further line of defence. They themselves, masquerade as beings from outside the hack. The psychic thinks that they are speaking with highly evolved beings, who are disclosing to them the secrets of the Universe, but in reality, they are speaking with an archon, who is feeding them bull and leading them down the wrong path.

There are many ‘channelled’ books which you can buy, where the author claims to have received the information from Gods / Angels / Aliens or any other type of loving being which they can come up with. For many of these books, whilst the author fully believes that their information is correct and they are passing it on in good faith, in reality they have been deceived by the archon and their books are full of, at best gobbledygook, but in the worst cases very dangerous disinformation.

Having said all this, the reason that the archon have gone to so much trouble to demonise, ridicule and trick psychics is because they are terrified of the huge amount of psychics that, not only have real talent to see outside the Saturn hack, but are also receiving wisdom from the vast array of beings of love from higher frequencies. Do not fall into the trap of dismissing all psychics, as this is what the archon desire.

Also, remember that every one of us is psychic. The Universe is tugging at us to start using our abilities. Once you open up, you will be surprised at how easy it actually is.


First Published 10th January 2021 with the following introduction:

Apologies for not being with you, producing new articles, for the past few months.

My health has not been too good, which has limited my available spare time, and I have allocated all my research and writing time, to discussing the current world problems on other forums.

I have decided it is unfair of me to leave articles half finished and I have, therefore, published today, the last articles in the ‘Hack’ and ‘Afterlife’ sections of the site.

This means that the website is therefore complete, except for the introduction, where I wish to speak about my life and how my experiences help me formulate these views. I will hopefully, world events & health permitting, finish this section in due course.

Until then,

I leave you in love.