Survival in the archon realm

The Hack Part 5
The Reason

In order to sum up the archon hack, let us think back to my article on computers where I said:

We could use an analogy of playing a multiplayer game over the world wide web to explain our solar system, where the sun is the local server (source), sending out the source field in all directions. Our bodies would be represented by computers connected to the server and decoding the source field to show us what we perceive to be our reality.

To continue this analogy, it would be like them trying to disconnect us from the real world wide web, without us knowing and then connect us to a fake web where they write all the articles.

There are two main reasons why the archon have gone to these great lengths to create this false reality:

Firstly, it isolates us from all other lifeforms in the Universe. Because we are basically connected to a separate server (Saturn) to lifeforms on all other planets and frequencies (The Sun), the archons plan is that those lifeforms literally can’t come here and explain to us what is really going on.

For an example I shall use Tony Blairs, dodgy dossier on Iraq, which claimed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction which could be deployed within 45 minutes.

We all now know that this document was absolute bullshit, I shall discuss this further in a later article on elections.

This was back in the days when the BBC was still trusted, almost universally, as a bastion of truth.

The BBC, along with the rest of the mainstream media, brought out expert after expert, with their fancy onscreen graphics, showing what types of weapon Iraq may have and even though the dossier only claimed weapons could be deployed within 45 minutes,the experts would go one step further and show how a missile could, just, reach the UK from Iraq within 45 minutes delivering its payload of scary chemicals.

With almost all of the mainstream media and most of the politicians from all parties singing from the same song sheet, the vast majority of the British people did, indeed, believe that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and this was amplified by the effect that, because everyone else knew he had these weapons, everyone else couldn’t be wrong, so it must be true.

However, a few people, did stand up and point out the bullshit. Most notably George Galloway MP and Ex-Weapons Inspector Dr. David Kelly. Kelly ‘committed suicide’ silencing him from speaking out against the dossier whilst Galloway was libelled by the Telegraph, that he was committing dodgy dealings with Iraq, which tarnished his name dropping his credibility. Even though he would later win libel action against the paper, this would be after the invasion so the damage had already been done.

If there had been a hundred David Kellys and a hundred George Galloways then things may have turned out differently. It would be far more suspicious if they all committed suicide and it would be a bit far-fetched if the press suggested that they were all doing dodgy dealing with Iraq. The whole psychological operation conducted by the government on the British people was to have, whichever way they looked, information bombarding them that the dodgy dossier was correct. This illusion would have been shattered by these hundreds of dissenting voices.

Just so, whilst we receive all our information from the archon matrix, being fed their lies whichever way we look, this insane reality, becomes totally believable to us. However, if, whilst walking down the street, we kept bumping into aliens telling us that this Universe isn’t real and we are actually being tricked by an Artificial Intelligence into giving it our free will, then, very soon we would see through the charade and the archon plan would crumble to nothing. It is, therefore, very important to them, that the archon isolate us from all other life forms.

A second reason the archon have created this false Universe is they have changed aspects of how the Universe works to help them trick us.

In the real Universe, all lifeforms receive the nourishment which they require from the source (sun) and therefore are not be required to feed to survive. This is true for all lifeforms including ourselves and even, though not strictly speaking a life-form, the archon.

In this cheap copy of the Universe, it is a big enough task for the archon to get Saturn to mimic the Source Code sent out from the sun, let alone, power us as well.

Imagine you have a USB device, say a webcam. When you plug it into the USB socket on your computer two things happen. Firstly, data is transferred back and forth between the webcam and the computer and secondly, the power the webcam requires to work, is transferred to it from the computer. In a cheap imitation archon USB socket, the data would be transferred but the power wouldn’t, forcing you to use a battery or mains to power the webcam.

So, the archon had to look elsewhere for power and just as in the matrix movies, they feed off us. They feed from our negative emotions such as fear, hate and envy. This is why they have created a world where there is so much suffering, hate and war. So many people, seeing the world around them, think humans are naturally evil but this is not the case. The archon has made society the way it is in order to bring out the worst in us, meaning that they can feed off our negativity. In fact, I am not convinced that the archon are actually inherently evil. Making us suffer and thus give off energy, is just a means to an end for them.

Humans developed as tribal beings. Whenever the tribe was threatened, it would be up to the tribe leaders to defend the tribe. In order to give their leades a better chance of success, a reflex action to the fear which the tribe members felt, is that they would expel some of their energy. This energy would be absorbed by the leaders turning them, temporarily, into super beings whilst they fought off the threat.

The archon take advantage of this characteristic of humans by putting us in constant fear and then harvesting the energy which we give off.

I highly recommend reading the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield if you wish to understand more about how energy transfer works.

We, however, get most of our energy from eating food.

Whilst we could survive as vegetarians, most people, even though they don’t need to, also eat meat.

In order to feed off us, the archon have to claim that it is our will that they may do so, otherwise, the second law of the Universe would kick in, which would stop them from doing so.

Humans eating meat, helps the archon justify their vampiric practice to the Universe. The archon are only doing to us, what we accept as a perfectly ok thing to do to animals. We farm animals for food just as they farm us for food.

So, to bring me back to point of how the archon have changed aspects of the real Universe to trick us. If animals didn’t prey on each other, if it wasn’t ‘nature’ that animals kill each other, then far less people would be able to justify to themselves being meat eaters. In the real Universe animals don’t kill each other. This is just one of many subtle changes which the archon have included in their cheap imitation, in order to trick us into acting how and believing what, they desire.

To be continued …

First Published 6th July 2020 with the following introduction:

There will be no article next Monday as it is my birthday.

One of my main motivations for putting my thoughts of the Universe in writing, is that, whenever someone would ask me for my views on certain subjects, I have been unable to answer them.

Without first explaining to them what I have outlined here in the past two sections, of ‘The Universe’ and ‘The Hack’, there would be no context to my opinion and it wouldn’t make any sense. However, especially in a pub environment where we get side-tracked regularly, it would take too long to explain the background to be feasible.

I have, therefore, found myself refusing to answer many questions, due to the futility of the recipient never comprehending my answer.

With this website, however, I can ask them that if they really want an answer, to go away and read these two sections. I will then, be able to supply them with an understandable answer.

One such question, which I get asked regularly but answer rarely, is why I am a vegetarian.

Everyone expects an answer such as, “it is mean to the animals” or “the thought of killing makes me feel sick”. Whilst these do somewhat contribute to the reason why I am vegetarian, the main reason is actually far deeper.

This question, I finally get to answer in this weeks article, and whilst I am not asking you to agree with everything, or indeed anything, which I say, I do feel that, some people will, for the first time in my life, understand what I am saying, having already read the context.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.