Survival in the archon realm

Afterlife - Part 3
The Solution

So here is the big secret of the bus home. You don’t have to spend years in meditation to reach enlightenment or to spend lifetime after lifetime paying off karma until you reach enlightenment. What the solution is here is that enlightenment is not the only way to leave this realm and continue your soul’s evolution.

We are trapped, within both life and death, in a warped reality projected by the planet Saturn. Therefore, to leave this reality we simply have to travel past Saturn, back to where the only reality is the real one that is projected by the sun.  In fact, even if we only travel past the moon, which is blocking the real source code emanating from the sun, then we will start to see the archon matrix crumble.

Whilst this is possible during life, and many achieve it, through techniques such as enlightenment or teleportation, these can be very difficult and time-consuming techniques to master. Many people see them as impossible goals.

However, leaving the false archon matrix is very easy to accomplish in the afterlife!

Firstly do not be tricked into entering the tunnel of light that serves as the archons soul recycling machine. Secondly get your soul past Saturn.

Forward planning is the name of the game if you wish to escape from this false reality once you reach the afterlife. Practicing astral travelling is one useful thing you can do right now to prepare for this. There are many websites and books to help you do this so I will only briefly touch on two of the most basic techniques to show you how simple they actually are. I am personally not too experienced in astral travelling so I do suggest the reader do their own research before trying either of these.

The first is, whilst you are awake, ask yourself the question ‘Am I asleep or awake?’ every time you pass by a mirror. Once this question becomes muscle memory you will start asking it in your dreams. Once you are aware that you are dreaming it is far easier to regain control.

Another technique is writing down your dreams as soon as you awaken, which helps you remember them thus keeping them in your consciousness. This gives you more awareness during future dreams.

What I ask, if you decide to exit the archon matrix in the afterlife, is that you envisage a yellow 1950s school bus, with a destination sign saying ‘Home’ to take you on the journey back to the real reality. Things can take on a life of their own on the astral plane and if enough people do this then the bus will eventually be there permanently to help people who aren’t as experienced in manipulating the astral.

Now for the bad news. Unfortunately, even though you now know how easy it is to leave, the chances are that you will decide to incarnate back here. Most people fall into one of two categories. The first is long term inhabitants of Earth; these souls have been on Earth for hundreds or thousands of incarnations and treat Earth as their home. These souls will fight tooth and claw to save the planet and will not rest until the archon is banished. Once they leave the archon matrix and regain their full memories of who and what they really are, they will just decide to come straight back here to continue the fight to save their home.

The second group is the millions of souls who have come from ‘elsewhere’. Many of these souls have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this point to help the human race in its fight for freedom and once that task is complete will go back to their own various homes. Again, once these souls regain their full memories they will in all likelihood choose to reincarnate here again to complete the job which they have started.

There are other groups, however, who have incarnated on Earth at this time, and some of these may choose not to return after taking the bus home. My mother, for example, before incarnating here lived on a planet of pure nature with no technology, much like Earth was before being infected with the archon. Her reason for coming here is to remind people how beautiful and full of wonder the Universe can be without the archon. Most people have forgotten this after numerous lives battling to cleanse the Earth of this parasite. She has spent her whole life ill, as her body has never been able to take the shock of incarnating in this highly polluted, industrial environment. It would be pointless for her to keep incarnating here as she would gradually forget the message she is here to teach. It is therefore best she returns to her own ‘home’ to heal before returning to this, or maybe another, archon infected planet to once again spread her message.

A Word of Warning

One thing I must strongly point out here is that, now that you understand how easy it is to leave this false reality, the most stupid thing you can do is commit suicide to get yourself to the bus.

Every so often a death cult pops up where a guru convinces his followers to commit suicide with him, where he will lead them to enlightenment on the other side. What I believe is happening here is that the guru has understood some, but not all, of what I have outlined in this article, mainly how easy it is to escape this fake reality. However, what he, and his followers did not realise is that, as I mentioned above, the vast majority of souls will decide to come straight back here anyway and will just have to go through the rigors of another life to eventually find themselves in a similar situation ready to continue their journey.’

Right now humanity is in a fight, in fact is winning a fight, for its freedom and every warrior is needed to keep the momentum going and ensure our final victory.

First published 5th November 2020 with the following introduction:

Apologies for not being with you, producing new articles, for the past few months.

My health has not been too good, which has limited my available spare time, and I have allocated all my research and writing time, to discussing the current world problems on other forums.

I have decided it is unfair of me to leave articles half finished and I have, therefore, published today, the last articles in the ‘Hack’ and ‘Afterlife’ sections of the site.

This means that the website is therefore complete, except for the introduction, where I wish to speak about my life and how my experiences help me formulate these views. I will hopefully, world events & health permitting, finish this section in due course.

Until then,

I leave you in love.