Survival in the archon realm

The Sword Of Boris

There is only one front in the UK at the moment, Brexit.

If the UK leaves the EU, I believe this will cause a chain reaction of other countries leaving, which will spell the end for the EU.

The archon are using the EU as a stepping stone to nudge us closer to a world government and their full control. The populace, then, will believe that they have even less power with their vote than they believe they do now.

They have run the last three years to make the UK populace so sick of Brexit that in a new referendum we would vote to give up and stay in Europe, however, they have failed at this and if there were a second referendum they are not at all sure they will win and keep us in the union.

This is their game plan.

Firstly, by putting in puppet Boris as an apparent ‘anti EU’ PM, they are hoping that we will trust him to do the best for us, and he can fool us into accepting a deal similar to Puppet May’s dreadful deal that leaves us under EU rules but with no voting rights. Basically, the UK would be a vassal of the EU.

If that fails, he will not push through a no deal in parliament and will be ‘forced’ to call a general election.

The puppet press will turn this into a second referendum.

The main players will be:

  • Conservative – Leave EU with no deal.
  • Brexit – Leave EU with no deal.
  • Labour – Have a second referendum.
  • Lib-Dem – Stay in EU.
  • SNP – Stay in EU.
  • Green – Stay in EU.

The Lib-Dem, SNP , Green and other pro EU parties will form a coalition and will only field a candidate from one of the parties in any given constituency.

Conservative & Brexit will not form a coalition and will pit candidates against each other, splitting the leave vote.

This means that come election day, even though the sum of votes for the leave EU candidate’s (Conservative and Brexit) may be higher than the remain coalition candidate,  in most constituencies, because the remain vote is not split, the remain coalition candidate will win and we will end up with a Lib-Dem Prime minister running a coalition government who will keep us in the EU with no further referendum.

During the election process it will be obvious to the electorate that this is about to happen, as the coalition party will be ahead in the polls. This could be dangerous to the archon plan as, we, the electorate, will start questioning why Conservative & Brexit don’t form a coalition. To obscure this the archon will get their puppet pollsters to show some of the Remain Coalitions votes as votes for Labour, making it seem neck and neck on whether Leave or Remain wins. However, on election day Labour will do a lot worse ‘than expected’ and the coalition will do much better.

My reasoning above makes no sense to most people as they cannot understand Boris choosing to fall on his sword like this. However, as I outlined in my article on The Three B’s, politicians are puppets of the archon who are told what to do. In this case, sacrificing Borris as PM is a small price for the archon to pay, to keep the EU together.

Last edit 12th August 2019.

First published 29th July 2019 with the following introduction.

This week’s article on praying, I dedicate to ‘Vic’, our local Church of England vicar. A great guy, who is easy to chat to and never ridicules me about my views which are generally miles apart from his own. Well maybe when I told him that animals have their own language and pity us for being the only creatures in creation that are so stupid that we can’t understand it, I may have pushed him to his limit.

As a bonus article this week I am going to turn into a political pundit and use the information in my election article to try and predict the next few months of UK politics. Only time will tell how I fare against the real pundits.

Next Monday at 9pm I will continue my discussions of the afterlife with part 2 – The Problem.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.