Survival in the archon realm

Truth Part 2

We saw in part 1 that most creatures in the Universe communicate with a telepathic language called Feel/Think. Lying only became possible when we started communicating verbally and others were unable to see what we actually feel and think. As such the Universe doesn’t understand lies and takes everything we say literally.

Before one knows about the first law of the Universe, lies, whilst maybe morally wrong and whilst they can be damaging to our lives and our relationships with those around us, don’t appear to cause, excuse the pun, the end of the world.

However, once one does understand that our thoughts create the world around us, lies take on a whole new dimension. Do we really want to create a world based on lies?

For the past few years I have tried my hardest, and spectacularly failed, to never lie.

Just not telling ordinary lies, to make oneself look better in the eyes of others or to cover up one’s mistakes, is hard enough.

Exaggerations are lies. Have I ‘spectacularly’ failed at never lying over the past few years or am I exaggerating?

Then consider that any sarcastic comment is actually an untruth coming out of one’s mouth, and for a sarcastic asshole like myself I found it easier to give up meat than sarcasm.

There are lies you don’t even notice that you are telling. For the first couple of weeks I had put on the home page of this website ‘New articles published every Monday at 9pm’. This was a lie; I can’t commit to publishing at exactly 9pm and so I changed the wording once I realised.

What about white lies? To not offend people with the truth makes one learn a new skill of how to make one’s words absolutely correct, yet give the impression of a totally different meaning. I think my friends will now understand one of the reasons that I have been single for so long when they consider the question ‘How do I look in this dress?’!

How does one answer an inappropriate question from a child? To be honest, I would have no problem with always being absolutely honest with these answers to my own children, but given that I don’t have any, I have to respect how other people wish to raise theirs and I am expected to give the answer which the child’s parent would wish me to.

There is also lies by omission, pretending you don’t know secrets other people have told you. The list just goes on.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. The Universe is also manifested by our thoughts and beliefs so one has to also be careful that one only thinks the truth and even harder believes the truth.

The archon have created a world of lies, they have even named Satan the father of lies, hiding the truth of this fact in plain sight. We can never defeat them if we go along with them by adding to the lies, we are just doing their will and manifesting the Universe which they desire.

It is extremely difficult and I am spectacularly failing, but one should always do one’s best to only speak, think and feel the truth.

First published 14th October 2019 with the following introduction:

As I was writing this week’s article, I had the television on in the background.

I have to be honest in that, once I had finished it, I was not happy with it, I didn’t feel it was strong enough and so was considering whether to scrap it and write a different article for this week. Suddenly a band called Elbow came on the tv, singing a song called White Noise White Heat in which the singer kept singing about the subject of this week’s article; lies.

When they finished, it is announced that the song is off their upcoming album Giants Of all Sizes. I had spent a considerable amount of time the previous evening searching for an advert about giants which I wish to use in a future article, one of the points I shall be making in that article is not to be scared of the archon as they see us as giants and are more scared than of us than we could ever be of them.

Anyway, I have taken all this as a message from the Universe that I should publish this article this week, so if you feel it is not up to my normal standard then please send your complaints to the Universe not to me.

Just a note, that I am reading a book about astral travel at the moment and the author, Kurt Leland, calls the universal language of the Universe that I mention in The Truth Part 1; ‘Feel/Think’, I shall therefore be using this name for the language from now on and will update Part 1 to credit Leland in due course.

Next Monday at around 9pm I shall continue with part three of The Hack.

Until next week.

I leave you in love.