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Epstein's Legacy

Ok, so given that everyone else on the internet is giving their theories on Jeffrey Epstein, I thought that I may as well add my two pennies worth, based on what I put forward in The Bus Home.

Many people are saying that he could not have been bumped off as he will have left a stash of incriminating evidence to be released in the event of his untimely death. Whilst I do not know if his is dead or alive, given what we know from my discussions on blackmailing politicians, a favoured technique is to set up intoxicated politicians with minors at parties and then use the evidence to blackmail the politician. Here we have a man, in Epstein, who provided intoxicated politicians and the ‘elite’ with minors at parties. I allege to you that he could have always been an agent of the American secret service and any secret stash of incriminating evidence he had, would be and always have been in their hands.

It is interesting that they could have bumped him off at any point before he was arrested, yet choose to wait until he is in jail to do this (If indeed he is dead and not on a desert island with Leon Britain and Lord Janner). This has caused far more public notice of paedophilia within the elite and politicians than if, say, he had died of a ‘heart attack’ a few months back. This is just an extension on the argument which I put forward in my entertainment article. They have purposely shown us what they are doing so that they can argue ‘We told them what they were doing and they didn’t stop us’, thus as far as the Universe is concerned, we have accepted what they are doing and they haven’t impinged on our free will.

For legal reasons, given that this has not gone to court, I am not suggesting Mr. Epstein or anyone else who has been named by the press as being involved, is guilty of any misdoings, and any circumstantial evidence, such as the Duke Of York’s family also having very close ties with Jimmy Saville, even though we now know that multiple allegations had been made about Saville at the time, do not mean anything.

First published 12th August 2019 with the following intro.

A big article this week, part 2 of 3 about what happens in the afterlife.

I have also put up a tongue and cheek bonus article, showing how the whole Epstein affair relates to my writings.

I am being hassled to publish the articles on the laws of the Universe and what the archon actually is. I will be honest and these articles don’t really interest me, as all I am doing is summing up other people’s work. However, I have been working on a four-part article on the Universe and it’s two laws. I am currently having the physics which I include in part 1 checked and hopefully this will be ready for 9pm next Monday.

Rob has, kindly offered to write ‘The Archon Part One – The Archon Through History’ and this should be available within the next few weeks.

Also, this week, I have made a few grammar changes to The Sword Of Boris and last week’s article about entertainment.

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