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The Hack Part 3
The Moon

There are so many strange anomalies and inconsistencies with the moon that I could fill a whole, book. Researchers Christopher Knight & Alan Butler have done just that. Whilst I don’t agree with many of their conclusions, especially that the moon is man-made, their research into these anomalies is fantastic. They note in their book Who Built The Moon?

‘The moon is bigger than it should be, apparently older than it should be and much lighter in mass than it should be.’

It is by far the biggest moon in our solar system in proportion to its planet.

During the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, of which the Tom Hanks Hollywood blockbuster was subsequently made, they sent the 15 tonne Saturn V launch vehicle crashing into the moon. NASA has reported that ‘The Moon was ringing like a bell.

NASA’s theory for this ringing is due to the lack of water on the Moon. If, however, the moon was hollow then the same phenomenon would be witnessed.  

This is important because Carl Sagan, Professor of Astronomy and Space Science at Cornell University has stated ‘It is well understood that a natural satellite cannot be a hollow object.’

We could go on and on discussing the inconsistencies such as that the same side of the moon always faces the Earth or that the craters from impacts on the moon are all roughly the same depth. We could look at the coincidences between measurements of aspects of the moon and the Sun and / or Earth, however there is so much literature written on these subjects that I will leave you to investigate for yourselves whilst I will, instead, discuss the implications.

These, and many other inconsistencies, go to suggest that the moon is not a natural satellite of the Earth, but was placed here at some point in our past and. Many cultures’ folklores, in fact, speak of the time before the moon.

So, we come to the most glaring inconsistency of them all. The moon is 1/400 the size of the sun and also sits 1/400 the distance between the Earth and the Sun. This means that during a solar eclipse the moon exactly blocks out the sun, both appearing the same size from our perspective.

Whilst this seems very normal to us, we only have one moon, so all the eclipses that we see have the sun and moon appearing the same size, once you start to look at pictures of eclipses on other planets, you will see that in a full eclipse their moons only block out a small part of the sun and you will begin to realise how strange and unlikely this is.

If you remember back to my previous article on computers, where I was discussing how the Universe works, I mentioned that the Sun sends out the Source Code, sort of like the computer program that we decode to create our reality.

Now, what would happen if an object of just the right size, was put, exactly the right distance from the Earth to block the source code from reaching us?

For those of you with, with good 3D visualisation, you will realise that the moon would only block the Source Code during an eclipse as, by definition, all other times it would be in the wrong place, but you are not thinking quantumly.

The whole Universe from micro to macro is made from objects orbiting other objects. Electrons orbiting atoms; moons orbiting planets; planets orbiting suns; etc.

We know from quantum mechanics that an electron orbiting an atom sits in a probability wave, all around the atom until it is observed. Whilst, and only whilst it is observed, it becomes a particle in one particular place in the atoms orbit.

Just so, for you, the moon exists in a probability wave all around the Earth until you observe it.

The moon was placed in orbit around the Earth by the archon, to cut you off from the Source Code.

This whole idea has been explored by the Doctor Who double episode Silence In The Library / Forest of The Dead, where the Doctor’s assistant was ‘saved’ to a computer simulation of the Earth by Dr. Moon. However, as we will see in my next article, in reality, the moon only blocks the source code and the archon have put something totally different in place to create the simulation of the Earth in which we reside.

First published on 15th June 2020 with the following introduction:

In writing this week’s article, I have come to realise that there are still some contradictions within myself on how the archon technology works. If you recall, I have previously mentioned that I stopped writing for a year due to the contradictions in myself on why the archon cannot create. It has been a very useful journey for me, putting my thoughts down in writing and one of the great advantages is it has helped me iron out some of these contradictions in myself.

In this case, rather than stop writing for a year whilst I iron out the contradictions, I have decided to plough ahead and put it all out there anyway. Who knows, you may be able to help me find the solutions.

What needs to be considered is that there are only a handful of people on very limited budgets researching this archon technology, whilst conventional physics has thousands of researchers on huge budgets and still is incomplete, containing many contradictions; they can still not tell you what gravity is for example (which David Wilcox does extremely well in his book The Source Code). I do believe in the main themes of what I shall be putting forward this week but it is an evolving science and should be treated as such. Anyway, the main point is that they have trapped us in a false reality, using the moon to block the source code, explaining exactly how it works is just the icing on the cake.

I reference a book which is co-written by Christopher Knight in this article. Whilst creating the webpage for the article, I used my Christmas Message as a template. To my surprise I found that I have also referenced a book co-written by Christopher Knight in that Christmas article. Until that point, I had not realised that the books were linked or that I had actually read two of his books.

This week I have also condensed the two articles on truth into one and within the article credited Kurt Leland as the person who named the Universal language as Feel/Think.

Until next week.