Survival in the archon realm

Afterlife - Part 2
The Problem

Most people will have heard similar stories, like I outlined in my article ‘The Legend’, about the tunnel of light, meeting the loved ones and the life review. Many, but not all, will have heard stories about the life plan creation.

The Hollywood movie Ghost, the Canadian series Lost, the British series Ashes To Ashes (sequel to Life On Mars) all end with the main characters walking into ‘The Light’. There are countless non-fiction books you can buy containing studies of people who have had near death experiences, allegedly showing that they all have in common experiences of various aspects of my tale. Within fiction Katherine Kerr’s Devery series is based on just that tale. The example that stands out most to me is a Robin Williams film called What Dreams May Come.

These are all designed to condition us, so that when we finally see the tunnel of light in the afterlife, we will accept it as a natural occurrence and enter it without thinking. Even if, whilst incarnate, we don’t believe in an afterlife, this conditioning is designed such that, when we reach the afterlife and find that we were wrong, once we see the tunnel of light, the natural thing to do will be to not question if it is safe, but to just walk into it. In fact, those who hadn’t believed in an afterlife would be more likely to just enter it without thinking, in their confusion.

However, the archon have not just hijacked this plane of existence, they have also hijacked the plane above and everything that happens between entering the tunnel of light and being reborn is all just another archon trick designed to make us give them our free will.

The archon generally tell us within fiction what they are up to. In this case, one area I can refer you to where they do this, is series 3, episode 15 of Star Trek Voyager. The Captain believes herself to be dead and what appears to be her father comes to her and tries to make her enter the light. However, in reality, her ‘father’ turns out to be an alien being trying to make her enter its matrix to feed off her soul.

Just as in the Star Trek case, the actual tunnel of light is archon technology. Because the archon cannot violate the second law of the Universe and force you to enter the tunnel, it has set up this whole charade of conditioning everyone during their lifetimes that the tunnel is a natural phenomenon. Then just to make it even more appealing it has added our loved ones at the tunnel entrance and the feeling of bliss.

I am not suggesting here that when we see our loved ones, they are purposely trying to trick us. Our loved ones have also been tricked and believe, with their best intentions, that it is in our interests to join them on the other side of the tunnel.

However, I am not so sure about the ‘loving’ guide. Whilst these beings are generally portrayed as highly evolved beings who are dedicated to helping us to further our evolution, I would suggest it far more likely that they are an expression of the archon with two main functions. Firstly, to harness the energy of our pain during the life review and secondly to trick us into returning to this realm on their terms.

Let us consider the life review first. For the archon, an entity that is powered by our low-level emotions such as fear, anger, hate and regret, due to the life review it doesn’t just get to feed of us once, during our incarnate life. It also, then, gets to feed again and again by making us relive our experience and feel all those negative emotions, thousands or millions of times. This turns us into a much more powerful and efficient battery.

Secondly, they make us agree to wipe our memories when we return to Earth, which makes it much harder for us to realise, within our lifetime, that this world is actual just a trick. If we could keep our memories from incarnation to incarnation, we would within a very few lives realise what the archon are up to, that everything is a trick and that we can leave whenever we choose.

Shamans often refer to our life plan as our life contracts. Given that our guide is an expression of the archon and because Satan (Saturn) is another expression of the archon, the phrase “making a contract with the devil” springs to mind here. Contracts generally have small print, the small print in this one is that we agree to follow all the rules that the archons have imposed on this false reality. In other words, we agree to give our free will to the archon for our time in their realm.

By tricking us into giving our free will to them, the archon bypasses the second rule of the universe, that we can do whatever we wish as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s free will. For example, under normal circumstances it is impossible to murder someone, as this clearly infringes on their free will, however, in this realm, murder is possible as the archon claim that, by incarnating here, we have given them our free will and so they make it our will that we can be murdered.

The whole premise of their trick is making us believe that we are coming back is to repay our karma so that we can evolve as beings to the next level.

However, As I previously discussed, the law of karma can’t possibly exist and is just another trick of the archon. Therefore, there is no reason to go through the life review, create a life plan to pay off your karma or agree to the archon’s terms for incarnating here.

The concluding part, Afterlife Part 3 – The Solution, will be published in due course.

First Published 12th August 2019 with the following introduction:

A big article this week, part 2 of 3 about what happens in the afterlife.

I have also put up a tongue and cheek bonus article, showing how the whole Epstein affair relates to my writings.

I am being hassled to publish the articles on the laws of the Universe and what the archon actually is. I will be honest and these articles don’t really interest me, as all I am doing is summing up other people’s work. However, I have been working on a four-part article on the Universe and it’s two laws. I am currently having the physics which I included in part 1 checked and hopefully this will be ready for 9pm next Monday.

Rob has, kindly offered to write ‘The Archon Part One – The Archon Through History’ and this should be available within the next few weeks.

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