Survival in the archon realm

The Truth

There came a point in my research for this book when I understood that the Universe is created by our thoughts, however, there are other beings such as the archon who cannot create. At this point I still thought that the archon were living beings, which caused me a dilemma.

Where do I draw the line between beings that can create and beings that can’t?

Is the line just under humans? i.e. are human the only beings that can create?

Is the line under animals? i.e. can animals also create?

Is the line under plants and if so what about one cell organisms? Do they go above or below the line and why?

Are rocks above or below the line?

Etc. etc. etc.

After much thought I decided the most likely place for the line to exist would be directly below humans. My reasoning went along the lines that the next logical place it could exist is under all animals. There is no logical place you could place it between any given two animals.  It would make no sense for it to exist, for example, between cats and dogs. So, either all other animals can create or they all can’t.

Given I knew that the archon cannot create, this must mean that all animals, other than humans, cannot create. The line has to be drawn under humans.

I am now going to give a slight variation on Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment and the tree falling in the forest with no observer. If you place a cat in a forest where no one observes it, does it exist, or is it in a possibility wave? From what I had reasoned above, if the line is drawn under humans, then the cat would have to be in a possibility wave.

Unfortunately, having had lived with cats my entire life this just didn’t ring true with me, so I was stuck in a dilemma, on the one hand the line logically has to sit just below humans, yet on the other, from my experience cats have souls, so the line must be somewhere below them.

This delayed my writings by a year as I struggled with this question. The main premise of my book is that the archon cannot create and are therefore trying to trick us into creating on their behalf. However, if they can create then everything that I am saying is wrong.

I started reading many books on how to talk with animals. By far the best being Animals and the Afterlife by Kim Sheridan. I had taken my mum and dad out on a day trip and was sat in a café waiting for them whilst reading this book. Now, there is a clue in the title of the book that any animal she introduces is going to die, which allows you to prepare yourself. She introduces the reader to a rat, of all creatures, named June. In the 25 pages she spent from first meeting the rat to its anticipated death, I grew so attached that when she described June’s death I burst into tears and had to hide in the cafe toilets out of embarrassment.

I also, over this year, realised that one of my close friends could talk with animals. I had come to understand, over the few months since Flora, my new cat companion, joined me, that she had something similar to downs syndrome. The first clue, for me, that my friend could speak with animals is that she immediately informed me about this when she first met Flora, where-as it had taken me months to recognise this fact.

What I learnt over this year is that there is a universal, telepathic, language, based on feelings and emotions, which all animals and some humans can speak.

In his book Otherwhere, Kurt Leland calls this language Feel/Think.

Most humans, however, because of the constant chatter in their heads, of our language, do not hear Feel/Think.

The interesting realisation I had, once I understood this, is that many humans see animals as inferior and simple because we believe they can’t talk, whilst the truth is that we humans are the only beings that actually can’t speak the universal language and communicate with every other living being.  Maybe it is actually humans who are the inferior and simple ones.

The importance of what I am saying, is that before we developed spoken language we could not lie as communication was telepathic. Everyone else understood exactly what we were feeling. Lying is a side effect of the spoken human languages which the archon have encouraged us to use. The Universe does not understand lying and treats everything that we say and think, as the truth.

Before one knows about the first law of The Universe, lies, whilst maybe morally wrong and whilst they can be damaging to our lives and our relationships with those around us, don’t appear to cause, excuse the pun, the end of the world.

However, once one does understand that our thoughts create the world around us, lies take on a whole new dimension. Do we really want to create a world based on lies?

For the past few years, I have tried my hardest, and spectacularly failed, to never lie.

Just not telling ordinary lies, to make oneself look better in the eyes of others or to cover up one’s mistakes, is hard enough.

Exaggerations are lies. Have I ‘spectacularly’ failed at never lying over the past few years or am I exaggerating?

Then consider that any sarcastic comment is actually an untruth coming out of one’s mouth, and for a sarcastic asshole like myself I found it easier to give up meat than sarcasm.

There are lies you don’t even notice that you are telling. For the first couple of weeks I had put on the home page of this website ‘New articles published every Monday at 9pm’. This was a lie; I can’t commit to publishing at exactly 9pm and so I changed the wording once I realised.

What about white lies? To not offend people with the truth makes one learn a new skill of how to make one’s words absolutely correct, yet give the impression of a totally different meaning. I think my friends will now understand one of the reasons that I have been single for so long when they consider the question ‘How do I look in this dress?’!

How does one answer an inappropriate question from a child? To be honest, I would have no problem with always being absolutely honest with these answers to my own children, but given that I don’t have any, I have to respect how other people wish to raise theirs and I am expected to give the answer which the child’s parent would wish me to.

There is also lies by omission, pretending you don’t know secrets other people have told you, the list just goes on.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. The Universe is also manifested by our thoughts and beliefs so one has to also be careful that one only thinks the truth and even harder believes the truth.

The archon have created a world of lies, they have even named Satan the father of lies, hiding the truth of this fact in plain sight. We can never defeat them if we go along with them by adding to the lies, we are just doing their will and manifesting the Universe which they desire.

It is extremely difficult and I am spectacularly failing, but one should always do one’s best to only speak, think and feel the truth.

Republished as one article on 9th June 2020

First published as two articles:

Part 1 on 9th September 2019

Part 2 on 14th October 2019